5 signs that show you need to re-center your mind

All of us taste excitement and success some time or the other in our lives. Because we all create excitement and success. Sometimes by design and sometimes by luck. While everyone is successful, only a handful can create success consistently and in every aspect of life. The wheel of energy and excitement does not always move in the same direction.


Because like any other wheel, our ability to create and connect gets disbalanced or misaligned to the other forces at play. When re-centered, we get back the focus and energy that helps us in succeeding consistently.

Here are the 5 signs that tell us when it is time to re-center.

Meaninglessness: we find activities around us meaningless. The things that were important for us earlier, suddenly seem to have lost their charm. Either we feel have too much or something or we believe nothing is important. We tend to think about the meaning of life and why we are doing what we are doing

Procrastination: we find ourselves delaying or putting things to tomorrow. We feel lack of energy, lethargy or hesitation in starting something. Things that we start, are often left incomplete. We cannot pin point the reason, but we end up NOT doing things that we should be doing. The fundamental excitement to jump on opportunities and do things is missing.

Disinterest: we find ourselves disinterested in routine things we are engaged in. Passion seems to be missing in our business, our job, our relationships or sex. We find ourselves indulging in all activities as if we are dragging our self to something mundane.

Being misunderstood: when we communicate, we end up being misunderstood. Either we are not able to convey what we want impactfully or the other person tends to derive a different meaning from what we said. Sometimes leading to arguments, even with our closest allies.

Blockages: things seem to be getting blocked. That deal that was about to come, that sale that was about to happen, that relationship that was about to start, for no understandable reason, is blocked. We feel heaviness of something unexplainable in our heart and mind.

Lack of excitement: the child like excitement is missing in us. Life seems to be to easy and routine or too difficult to be excited. This also has an impact on we positivity, over all energy and ultimately the initiative our take.

While this may sound like a depressing state, in the world of consciousness this is simply a state of misaligned center. Like a misaligned wheel, this tends to take us in varies directions – away from the road we must travel to reach our destination. Like a discharged phone battery, it disconnects us from our immense potential.


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