6 things we don’t know about our mind, and why they matter?

We create and experience the world through our mind and in our mind. Therefore, our world is also conceived in the mind. Limited understanding of science, ambiguous spiritual theories and faulty self-help literature has created a variety of understandings about the way our mind works.  

Depending on the school of thought that we subscribe to, we are armed by different apparatus and techniques to navigate the world. However, mankind is yet to come up with the right operating manual for our most important apparatus – the mind.

This is because we don’t know much about the mind. Here are 5 things that perhaps build the foundational understanding of the way of mind.

  1. The mind is the biggest mystery: While there are many theories and explanations about what exactly the mind is, there is no conclusive evidence. The Brain, Mind, Intelligence, and Intellect create a complex command system that seems to be guiding our lives. Many scientific experiments have proved that they impact and influence each other, there no conclusive explanation yet. 
    Why this is important?
    Our ability to explore and experiment in life is much higher when we are operating from a level of ignorance and inquisitiveness. Any conclusive explanation of the way of the mind in your mind is likely to stop your process of learning and evolution.
  2. The mind, by nature, wanders in all directions all the time: Mind is like a child bubbling with energy. By its nature, it’s wandering and exploring. Therefore, when you put your mind to focus on one thing, it due to its innate nature wanders away. This is natural. No one should feel bad about the fact that they cannot control the mind. But then naturally we cannot even control a bicycle. We need to LEARN techniques and skills to ride a bicycle.
    Why this is important? With adequate practice, you can ride your mind with the simplicity of riding a bicycle. it’s just about getting the right skills and right practice. And an ability to control a wandering mind is, perhaps, that most important skill you can develop.
  3. Only our mind can control our mind: Mind, they say controls everything that we create and experience in our lives. From our abilities to produce concrete outcomes to the perceptions around various experiences, everything is controlled by the mind. Who in turn controls the mind? It turns out that it is ONLY THE MIND itself that can control the mind. Why is this important? Understanding how the mind controls the mind can take us to a phenomenally elevated level of personal and professional effectiveness. This is such a multidimensional idea, that most of us fail to understand the real nuts and bolts of mind control.
  4. Modern lifestyle and education have disturbed the natural way of the mind: Our minds have developed a negativity bias. Our attention gets attracted to inadequacies and things that make us feel incomplete. Most of the people in the modern world are unhappy, irrespective of all their beauties and achievements. Modern gadgets like mobile phone and internet are creating further damage to our ability to focus on one thing at a time. The average attention span has gone down from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds now. Why is this important? Understanding the natural way of mind in the context of modern life will help us remain calm and perpetually contended. This, in turn, will enable us to achieve more – effortlessly.
  5. Mind and brain are interconnected, and mind can change the brain: Modern research in neuroplasticity conclusively proves that we can change our internal wiring by the power of thoughts. Till about a few years ago this was considered impossible. This neuroplasticity then allows us to learn and master newer skills, change out physical and mental being, alter our emotions. Why is this important? Leveraging neuro plasticity, we can achieve the impossible in all walks of our lives. We can acquire new skills, remove fears and inhibitions, change out habits, build instant connections with people. Essentially achieve anything.
  6. Finally, what our mind can conceive, we can achieve: Right actions produce the desired results. Our feelings guide our actions. Feeling are born and experienced in the mind. So the mind is the central most creative power that we are endowed with. Why is this important? If we can understand the process of generating the right feelings, we can invoke the right actions that will give us the desired results.

Consciousness-based mind programming is an inquiry to the nature of mind and how we can use modern science and age-old wisdom to create a completely altered life paradigm.

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