March 2018: Monthly Tarot Forecast by Kiran Shahpuri

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March 21st – April 19th

Aries {The Lovers}:
The Lovers symbolizes an important decision needs to be made.  Before making a choice, consult with your higher guidance.  Focus on what might be best for all parties involved and choose the path of love.

Lucky Color: Pastel Pink

Lucky No.:6


April 20th – May 20th

Taurus {7 Of Pentacles/ the Devil}:
Don’t give up yet! The fruits for your hard labor are on the way. It’s just taking more time than you thought. Stay on it and soon those rewards will come in.

Lucky Color: Light Green

Lucky No.: 7



May 21st – June 20th

Gemini {Knight Of Cups}:

Seek experiences that make you happy. This might be the time to put that plan into action. Stay focused on your vision. You’re moving in the right direction.

Lucky Color: Sky Blue

Lucky No.: 11



June 21st – July 22nd

Cancer {King Of Cups}:

Express your sensitivity. Share your heart with complete openness. If you’re thinking of taking a relationship to a deeper level, this card says: yes. The King of Cups may also advise to go with the flow.

Lucky Color: Turquoise

Lucky No.: 5


July 23rd – Aug 22nd

Leo {6 Of Pentacles}:

Take care of your debts. If you owe money, do the right thing and pay out. If you find yourself in a position of having more than enough, see where you can help those less fortunate than yourself.

Lucky Color: Brown

Lucky No.: 6


Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd

Virgo {9 0f Pentacles}:

Focus on building more security for yourself. Look at ways you can put money away for the future. Count your blessings. You have what you need to live your life on your terms. Don’t settle for less.

Lucky Color: Maroon

Lucky No.: 9


Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd

Libra {4 Of Swords}:

Take a spiritual approach to your problem. Meditate, pray, seek inner guidance. The Four of Swords can symbolize planning. As advice, it may say: develop a plan. Think carefully before making your next move.

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky No.: 4


Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

Scorpio {Page of Swords}:

Take a curious approach. Keep your eyes and ears open. Ask questions. Gather the facts. The more you know, the more effective you’ll be. Keep your guard up! The situation demands alertness. Be ready to strike if need be.

Lucky Color: Sea Green

Lucky No.: 2


Nov 22nd – Dec 21st

Sagittarius {3 Of Swords}:

Face your pain head on. By examining it closely, you may learn from it, and more importantly, heal it. Sometimes pain can be a great teacher. Don’t shy away from the lesson that you may be learning at this time.

Lucky Color: Pink

Lucky No.: 3


Dec 22nd – Jan 19th

Capricorn {The Empress}:

This is the card of feminine leadership, which means a situation may need a softer approach to reach the goal.  We don’t always have to go warlord – sometimes matriarch is a better route to achieving a goal.

Lucky Color: Forest Green

Lucky No.: 6


Jan 20th – Feb 18th

Aquarius {5 of Swords}:

Start a conflict. A conflict may be necessary. Take the upper hand and don’t be afraid to stir the pot. Be assertive! A competitive mindset is needed. Take a stand and/or take over.

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky No.: 5


Feb 19th – Mar 20th

Pisces {2 Of Swords}:

Take a time out. Sometimes a period of solitude will give you the answer you need. Create space for yourself. Weigh your options with care. There may be pros and cons to both. Meditate!

Lucky Color: Sky blue

Lucky No.: 2

About our Divination Experrt:

Kiran Shahpuri is a gifted Divination Experrt and teacher with more than fifteen years of experience in Tarot. Kiran empowers you by tapping into this ancient wisdom and enables you to take control of your destiny. Her sessions and workshops provide in-depth knowledge clarity and understanding about the various challenges life throws at you as well as guide you on your best way forward.

A qualified psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Silva Graduate, NLP Practitioner, Reiki master, numerologist & an astrologer, Kiran uses her diverse experience to help clients find resolutions to their issues and remove obstacles that may be holding them from reaching their highest potential.

Kiran does private readings and guidance sessions for clients around the matters of career, health, finance, family, friends, education, love, marriage, travel, lifespan etc. She can help you see where you have come from, where you are and where you appear to be headed.

She also offers intensive master classes in Tarot &Lenormand that are designed to have you absorb all the techniques while instilling a strong methodology, propelling you towards mastery.

Want to know how the future will look like for you in 2018?

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