Evoke Consciousness

Evoke Consciousness is a Neuro Science based approach to align our mind, body and consciousness. This scientifically proven approach enables you to lead a life of awareness, abundance and achievement by channelizing the energies of the unified consciousness.

Consciousness-Based Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Become a licensed practitioner of Consciousness-Based Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Influence others. Attract more wealth. Get better in relationships. Achieve all goals. Develop emotional intelligence. Achieve health and joy. A must have the skill for leadership trainers, coaches, and leaders.

The Next Game

Did you know that 2 in every 3-successful people are not able to lead really fulfilling lives? Many financially successful people find themselves grappling with finding the path to sustained fulfilment. Most people find it difficult to replicate their own successes again and again. Money cannot buy us many things. Creating sustained Happiness, Relationships, Business Growth, Health, and Stability is a different game!

On My Own

Did you know that women have 3 times higher chances of succeeding as entrepreneurs? Yet most of the women never give shape to their entrepreneurial ambitions. The internal and external challenges that women face are unique and a different approach is adopted by women who are successful entrepreneurs.

Law of Attraction Workshop

‘Consciousness enables all beings to manifest whatever they aspire for at will, Law of attraction works!’. While a lot of literature out there suggests that this is true, very few teach real and practical techniques to make the law of attraction work and make it work consistently.

Consciousness Coach Certification Program®

The International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness invites limited applications to Join our global partner program that gives you everything you need to build and grow a successful business in Personal Development, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Spiritual Coaching, Wellness, Physical & Mental Health, Divination, Life Coaching and Manifestation.

The Art of Money Workshop

‘Money making is a spiritual science that can be explained and used by any one. Once we understand the ‘Art of Money’, Money comes easily and in abundance’.

When we look around, we often wonder why come people get all the money they want without much effort and why others fail to make money for their desires despite a lot of hard work. We often call it destiny or luck. However, multiple years of research on the science of consciousness reveals that making money is an art.

Full Moon Meditation

Because of its magnifying effects on the Earth and its people, it has been observed by generations that whatever activity is done during full moon, it will be magnified in effect and intensity. During the full moon, the energy is very powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intention. Since the full moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect.

Karma Completion with Dr. Paula Horan

Karma is simply the appearance of ignorance and conditioning. You can move beyond it! Karma Completion helps you rise above the illusory entrapment of ego and facilitates realization of your true nature. By seeing through the shadow aspects of your personality in the light of non-dual awareness and dissolving the appearance of ignorance, a ground for true transformation arises. As a result you are able to live a truly empowered life free from suffering.

The Super Ageing Program

World renowned,
Dr. Robert Schneider, MD, FACC,
Dean, College of Perfect Health Maharishi University of Management, USA.
Shares the secrets of successful ageing by using a personalized mind-body program integrating Modern and Vedic sciences.