Consciousness Coach Certification Program®


The INTCENTFCC Associate Partner Affiliation Program

The International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness invites limited applications to Join our global partner program that gives you everything you need to build and grow a successful business in Personal Development, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Spiritual Coaching, Wellness, Physical & Mental Health, Divination, Life Coaching and Manifestation.

The Consciousness Coach Certification is the flagship global practitioners program offered by the International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness. In India, the program is delivered in conjunction with INTCENTFCC’s regional partner – Consentus Advisory.


The Opportunity

The Personal Effectiveness industry is a whopping 11 Billion USD in US growing at over 11%. In India the organized part of the industry itself is estimated to cross 1 Billion USD this year and grow at over 60% per annum.

Growing spiritual and wellbeing tourism is attracting ever more global seekers in India.

With expanding demand of our retreats, certifications and workshops, we are now inviting select participants to join us as Associate Partners.

<b>The Consciousness Coach® Certification Program</b>

International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness has developed propriety curriculum to enable passionate professionals to pursue meaningful career by helping individuals achieve unprecedented success.

Course Objective:
Develop successful trainers, facilitators and coaches with the confidence, skill, content, process, tools, and an ability to attract, help and maintain premium clients, and earn top dollars.

By joining this program, you will:

  1. Become a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  2. Gain in-depth understanding of Life Coaching
  3. Become a Master Facilitator by acquiring world class training skills
  4. Gain access to the INTCENTFCC proprietary content
  5. Develop sales and marketing skills to set up an independent advisory business
  6. Become a life member of the Global Association for Consciousness Practitioners
  7. Develop and deliver your own spiritual workshops
  8. Work under the aegis of the International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness as an Associate Partner
  9. Co-host / Co-Facilitate workshops with INTCENTFCC Master Coaches
  10. Create the professional and personal life you have been aspiring for

What all will you learn:

  1. All about Consciousness: What is consciousness. Misconceptions. Negative and positive impacts in life. Understanding the Consciousness Calibration techniques. Working of the mind. Beliefs. Affirmations.
  2. All about Neuro Linguistic Programming: NLP Practitioner level certification, NLP Teachers Training, NLP Master Practitioner certification. Application of NLP in life coaching, Manifestations, relationships, goal achievement, fears and phobias
  3. Personal Readiness – Personal Vision, Values Based Living, Goal Setting, Law of Attraction, Mindset for Success, Managing Emotions, NLP, Transformational Coaching, Creativity, Time Management, Intuition, Conflict, Boundaries, Success, Prosperity, Abundance
  4. All about Coaching -Coaching ethics, the Coaching Agreement, Establishing Trust & Intimacy, Coaching Presence, Powerful Questioning, Active Listening, Empowering, Acknowledging, Direct Communication, Designing Actions, Planning and Goal-Setting, Managing Progress and Accountability, Advanced Coaching Skills, Coaching Models for Creating Awareness, Group Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Seminars, Workshops, Client Tests and Assessments, The Clifton strengths finder® and Myers Brigg’s
  5. All about training: Principles of adult learning, Instructional design, using NLP in training delivery, facilitation skills, handling questions, handling difficult participants, creating your personal style.
  6. All types of coaching: – Coaching for Awareness, Enlightenment Coaching, Meditation, Raising Your Vibration, Life Purpose, Higher Purpose, Contribution, Connection, Relationships, Living in Curiosity, Being Present, Managing the Ego, Awakening, living in the Moment, Laws of the Universe, Letting Go, Healing, Managing Emotions, Vibrational Frequency, Integration into Daily Life, Leadership
  7. Setting Up Your Business – Vision, Strategic Positioning, naming your Business, Choosing Your URL, Payment System, Legal Structure, Accounting, Business Plan, Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Accreditation by the ICF
  8. Marketing Your Business – Marketing Plan, Positioning, Branding, Target Audience Definition, Channel Plan, Social Media Strategy, Speaking, Earning Six Figures, eBook Authoring, Self-publishing, Article, Marketing, Networking, Measuring Return, Secrets of Successful Coaches
<b>Timetable: India Intake May 2018</b>
Certification Phases Time investment Location
Phase 1:
NLP Practitioners certification 2/3 Days Delhi / Rishikesh
Phase 2:
Associate partner intake interviews 1 Day Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad
Phase 3:

Coach Certification Classes:

–          NLP Master Practitioner

–          Digital Marketing

–          Train the Trainer

–          Coaching Skills

5 Days INTCENTFCC Campus – Rishikesh India
Phase 4:
Coach CertificationAssessment Co-facilitation 2 Days INTCENTFCC Campus – Rishikesh India or TBD
Phase 5:
45 Day Business Coaching & Handholding On going Telephonic / VC

Faculty teachings are both live and via video conferencing.

Program disclaimer: Program Dates, content, scheduled panelists, and event locations are subject to change.

<b>Fees and What all is included</b>
Particulars Individual cost Associate Partner Plan
NLP Practitioners Workshop INR 35,000 Included
NLP Master Trainer Workshop INR 60,000 Included
Train The Trainer Workshop INR 35,000 Included
Life membership to the Global Association of Consciousness Practitioners INR 45,000 Included
1 Day Digital Marketing Course INR 25,000 Included
Access to INTCENTFCC Curriculum INR 18,000 Included
INTCENTFCC Associate Partner License Fees INR 75,000 Included
5 Nights Stay at the INTCENTFCC Campus INR 25,000  
Total Value INR 3,28,000 INR 1,50,000


<b>Board of Advisors</b>

Michael Sternfeld
, MA, Vedic Psychology is the founder of the ‘Body Presence Therapy’. Additionally, he is a Producer with the David Lynch Foundation, Professional Dancer, and a bestselling author



Dr. Robert H. Schneider,
 M.D., F.A.C.C., is a physician, scientist, educator, and one of the world’s leading authorities on scientific, natural approaches for heart disease. He is the Author of the No.1 Best Seller – Total Heart Health. Dr. Schinieder is the founder and facilitator of Super Ageing series of workshops globally.



Dr. Paula Horan 
introduced Reiki to many countries including India. Her expertise in Energy Medicine and Psychology is unparalleled, as is her depth of wisdom and skillful guidance.



Kiran Shahpuri
 is the Director of the International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness, India. A renowned tarot card reader and an astrologist, Kiran is




Shaakun Khanna
 is a highly sought after Human Capital Management consultant and Leadership Coach in Asia. He is the co-founder of the specialized HR consulting firm Consentus Advisory.

What past participants say

Mr. Anil Gupta
, Managing Director, Okaya Power Limited Amazing workshop that blew lid off my head and created platform for breakthrough performance for me. Do it; I am sure you would love it and you will experience breakthrough results

Ms. Catorina Child, Global Communications Expert:

“It is a perfect environment for getting away from the busy life and looking at things from another perspective. This course goes quite deep into some issues and it is structured in a way that you are gently instilled into it so that you are not afraid to disclose what is concerning you. You are taken into a very safe environment. I would thoroughly recommend this experience”

Mr.Abhay Parashar, Head L&D, Pernod Ricard India Pvt Ltd
: “Personally for me this has been the most enriching experience. I was amazed at the kind of connect I could build with my own self. There are moments when we believe that as human beings we know ourselves; but that was a myth if you ask me now. This has helped me big time in understanding my own patterns and that of the others to be able to change both, effectively”


Prof. Debi S. Saini, IIM Lucknow “I found a great value addition to my understanding of people, mental models, anchors and empowering people. The methodology adopted was very interesting…no organization can become people centric without understanding the mental models. Must attend for all organizational leaders”


Ms. Seema Bhardwaj,
Holistic Abundance Trainer: “This is the most holistic consciousness based program that helps us understand all concerts from the perspective. All people who are looking for growth in their careers and growth at the spiritual levels must come here”

Mr. Vinay Jaswal, Vice President HR, Interglobe Hotels Ltd:

“It has been a great revelation for me personally, not only learning more about myself but going beyond to understand how a person operates from a surface level. One great learning from this program has been how to look beyond and deep dive to understand people operate from their beliefs, motives, and see the person without any biases or prejudices”

Mr Jyoti Narain – Chairman, Rashtriya Ujala News Paper Group “I really thank that I could choose this course and I could come here. I got more than what I expected…in my life I had never thought that a course can be so entertaining and yet enlightening. I feel it will help me in my business and day to day activity…I feel this can be combined with all the aspects of life. The resourcefulness of the ambiance at this particular place has doubled the experience”

Ms. Shobha Krishnan, Ex Director, HR, CSC Limited

“He gave us the platform to ask questions without feeling if it is the right question. Its new to me and its indeed great. This was extremely refreshing, each of these exercise is new to me, and I go with a lot of learning’s, and I go with a lot more curiosity”



Mr.Subodh Gupta, CEO, Microtek International Limited
I always had queries in my mind as to how it works, how we can control it and how we can have the desired results. I have attended many-many courses, the facilitator here is very-very clear about what he is saying, and he had done is homework very well, and he clears all the doubts in the mind. It’s an all-new experience and we don’t need to go to US or Europe for that and I strongly recommend that you also go for this”