Dare to make fortune

Dare to make fortune
A must attend seminar for Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Co-founders, Business owners and Wanna be Entrepreneurs .
Why Should you Attend this seminar:
“Entrepreneurs are technicians suffering from entrepreneurial seizure”
— Michael Gerber, Management and Entrepreneurship Guru
“Most of the entrepreneurs are hallucinating”
— Steve Blank, International Entrepreneurship Expert.

In reality most of the entrepreneurs can be described in above statements of international entrepreneurship gurus. But most of entrepreneurs don’t accept or realise this truth. This results into massive loss of resources, opportunity, time and money for entrepreneurs and business owners leading to tremendous mental and physical and fatigue. The primary reason for this failure is lack of self awareness i.e.. identity, values, beliefs, needs, behaviours and the drivers that drives self and other to deliver the best and lack of awareness of the entrepreneurial/startup/business eco system i.e. various tools required to succeed in the business/startup and its execution.

Therefore one must attend this seminar to understand the right mental framework for entrepreneurs  i.e. identity, values, beliefs, needs, drivers etc to find the purpose, vision, mission and goals of his business/startup and make the most out of the business plan and other tools to convert the business idea into successful and profitable venture.

Who should attend:

  1. Startup founders/co founders
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Self employed
  4. Business owners
  5. Micro, Small or Medium sized enterprises
  6. People willing to start their own business\ventures

How will you benefit?

Participation in this workshop will help you in multiple ways, both in your professional and personal life. The deep introspection and facilitation will enable you to:


What will you learn:

  1.   The Million Dollar, Entrepreneur Success Framework: The ingredients of right mental mapping to become a successful Entrepreneur/Business owner.
  2. Fullproof plan to convert your million dollar idea into successful Business Plan.
  3. The Business Idea Validation Process, which ensures there is no competition for your product/service much before your launch, by converting your idea into disruptive business idea.
  4. To decode yourself to understand your own identity, values, rules, behaviour, and Needs and adjust the same to get the best out of you.
  5. The true mental mapping of a successful entrepreneur/businessman/founder so that you don’t fail in your venture/business.
  6. To take charge of your life and see through your dilemma between career and startup clearly, so that you can chose rationally and objectively between the two and Be Your Own Boss.
  7. The  qualities and skills required for an entrepreneur to succeed so that you startup don’t fail.
  8. To convert your passion into workable business idea and subsequently into a successful business plan so that their is clarity of vision, goal and purpose.
  9. To create sales and marketing plan,digital marketing and lead generation model, and recruit and nurture winning and professional team so that your business plan is executed impeccably.
  10. Basic nuisances and scenario of Indian and global funding and the different players and govt initiatives to promote startups so that you don’t miss any good opportunity.
  11. Basic understanding of legal and financial guidelines for startups so that things like company formation, taxation formalities, investment and other term sheets etc are taken care of.
  12. You will also learn to create impressive product deck and business plan and sound and crisp investor pitch.


  • India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodi Road, Delhi


  • 125/- dollar for Foreign Nationals
           4999/- Rs for Indian Nationals
    ( Early Bird Offer: Get an additional seat free for the same contribution if booked before 30th June)
  • You Will Get:

      • One day Seminar
      • Lunch and Refreshments
      • One Free strategy session (To be booked in advance)
      • The Entrepreneurship Framework kit
      • Entrepreneurship Wisdom Kit
      • Exercises etc.

About Prashant Singh

Best selling author and serial entrepreneur Prashant Singh believes, “ Entrepreneurship is not a skill, its a way of life

As the leading Startup advisor and Entrepreneur mentor, Prashant is coach to some of the most successful CEOs/Founders/Co-founders of the country. He firmly believe that entrepreneurs play an important role in growth and development of the country.
His work has inspired thousands of leaders, managers, sales professionals and students. As a Mind coach he has helped many achieve their highest potential, growth, success and happiness.  His rich experience in mind management and wealth management gives him unique authority as a coach and mentor to help individuals live their passions and in the process create wealth for self and others.
Besides, he is staunch supporter of women empowerment and wrote a fiction novel “Glorious Uncertainties” on the same issue, published by Times Books. Social media and digital marketing enthusiast. Always keen  to learn and explore more and I strongly feel sharing is learning.
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