Every Wednesday | New Delhi, India

As spiritual beings we have experienced many incarnations and gathered both negative and positive energies on this Journey. The negative experiences often create discordant programmes and belief systems creating blocks in our energy system. Once we uncover these and clear the discordant energies we can look forward to living a life to our full potential.

What will we cover?

  • Tarot/Astrology/Numerology by Kiran Shahpuri
  • Bach Flower Therapy / Energy Healing by Kamlu Hemrajini
  • Akashic Records by Ritalli Omrita


  • 30 to 45 minutes for each session


  • INR 3000 (including taxes)


  • Defence Colony, New Delhi

Our Facilitators


Kiran Shahpuri: Kiran Shahpuri is a gifted Fortune Teller and teacher with more than fifteen years of experience in Tarot. Kiran empowers you by tapping into this ancient wisdom and enables you to take control of your destiny. Her sessions and workshops provide in-depth knowledge clarity and understanding about the various challenges life throws at you as well as guide you on your best way forward.

A qualified psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Silva Graduate, NLP Practitioner, Reiki master, numerologist & an astrologer, Kiran uses her diverse experience to help clients find resolutions to their issues and remove obstacles that may be holding them from reaching their highest potential.

Kiran does private readings and guidance sessions for clients around the matters of career, health, finance, family, friends, education, love, marriage, travel, lifespan etc. She can help you see where you have come from, where you are and where you appear to be headed.

She also offers intensive master classes in Tarot &Lenormand that are designed to have you absorb all the techniques while instilling a strong methodology, propelling you towards mastery.


Ritalli Omrita: The ​ founder of Healing with Feeling foundation, an organisation very actively involved in funding education for children in rural areas and organizing medical camps. She ​is ​also the first one to set up a non-commercial healing & spiritual centre and to host healing festivals and retreats in India and overseas.

Ritalli found her calling in the field of spiritually early in life. Her purpose is simple, each one of us should be independent and live life to our full potential. Life should be lived with ease and joy, and that is possible if we learn to respond to the universe rather than react to the situation. She believes that “How we deal with our role in life is inextricably woven with the life we create. The choices we make is the life we choose.” Her forte is counselling and reading of Akashic Records.





Kamlu Hemrajini: Kamala Hemrajani has been on the path of Alternative Therapies for 12 years.

Her passion and dedication towards “Healing the Inner Child” has led her to be a Practitioner  as well as a Teacher of the following Modalities:Bach Flower Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting amongst many others.