Inner Voice and Innocence

Asmah D’souza
3 day residential retreat for an inward Journey experience.

Brief Synopsis

  • Life is a beautiful journey of holding on and letting go. Accepting what we cannot change frees us from unnecessary burdens. Asking for courage to change what is within our power, challenges us to take personal responsibility and action!
  • It is our inner wisdom, when we stop long enough to listen, that clarifies for us, exactly which path we are to take! This workshop takes your consciousness to a new knowing. The distinction in knowing the time to surrender and time to take charge towards forward movement.
  • This workshop opens the doors to your heart and to your dreams. This means that you would learn to hear the inner voices of your own heart. You may feel that if only life functions in A particular manner will you could relax. But it doesn’t work that way. In order to take the pressure off, you need to make space in your heart for other possibilities to happen.
  • This workshop is just about experiencing breakthroughs in everyday living and cutting the monotony.
  • A simple cathartic residential program to refresh your mind so that you begin life a new leaf

Why must you attend this workshop?​

Do you feel like you are living your life mechanically?

Are your family members like equipments back home?

Do you feel your colleagues/friends know you better than your own folks?

Do you have time for all but yourself ?

Do you have the need to explain yourself at all times to your loved one’s ?

How would you feel to know that life is party and we are here to celebrate Life !!

We live our life mechanically most of the time. We have a wake up time and a sleep time. We have a time to eat and a time for every chore. Our occupation is so important that we willingly manage ourselves.

This workshop is designed to give to an idea that we can cut out of the day to day monotony of life that has lead us to believe that we are a machine.  Once in a while we all need time for ourselves. During this time you will be able to return to the innocent way of thinking & problem solving with your own new learnt DISTINTIONS OF LIFE.

This workshop will also allow you to understand how several people have found a way to free themselves from stress and reached a state of self empowerment

Why must you choose this Residential workshop?

International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness is a unique institution of its kind. This workshop is an inward journey. Hence, we focus on complete immersion in the return to INNOCENCE  way of living  by inviting you to the most serene, spiritual and scenic spot in Rishikesh – the worlds Yoga capital.

​We believe in individualized attention and experience for you. That’s the reason the participation to this workshop is limited …..Participants only. The learning and immersion happens continuously as a group without any tight schedule or need to chase deadlines or commuting time. The workshop is designed to release and let go of various ITEMS in the mind like blocks , hurdles, emotions , etc. these practices  you would have to do at various times during the day and night across your stay.

Research shows that Residential programs are 4TIMES more effective than non residential programs.

How will you benefit?

  • There is a secret behind every emotion and feeling, achieve the awareness of knowing this.
  • Improved EQ and SQ
  • A complete shift in paradigm and way of looking at life
  • Working on subconscious mind with various letting go techniques
  • Observe the effect of a spiritual way of self talk
  • Overcome your stuck points
  • Learn from stories and create your new realm
  • Experience catharsis and freedom from any past painful occurrence.
  • Invigorate and reinvent yourself

What will we cover?

  • Centering and grounding meditations daily
  • Managing life and yourself and not stress
  • Emotions and Manifestation link
  • Awareness of issues that need attention
  • Body and physical healing (releasing logged emotions)
  • Distinctions of various concepts like Spirituality and Inner voice
  • Intuitive conversations with self
  • Changing conversations with self
  • Various techniques that enable us to ‘return to innocence’
  • Karma release
  • Catharsis and the process of releasing, providing relief from, strong & repressed emotions
  •  Of course self love and self care

Who can attend?

  • CEOs’, Business Heads and Directors, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • Professionals
  • HR Practitioners
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Alternative healers, therapists etc.
  • Working women
  • Housewives
  • Anybody interested in creating a better life!


  • 3 Days Residential Workshop


  • The International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness, Rishikesh, India


  • Foreign nationals:
  • Indian Nationals: INR 27000/-
    • The program fees includes:
      • All taxes and levies
      • All meals and refreshments
      • Boarding and Lodging for 2 nights on twin sharing basis
      • Participant workbooks, manuals and all workshop related material
      • Participation to the 3 Day residential workshop