Lenormand Oracle: Your Guide to Precise and Practical Fortunetelling

28th – 29th July 2018 | New Delhi, India

For the first time in India, attain mastery and expertise in a 220-year-old, powerful tool of divination that provides specific, concrete answers to mundane, life questions and offers invaluable advantage to navigate your lives.

Make this fabulous deck your reliable go-to tool for addressing your everyday concerns and those of clients. Learn how to anticipate problems and opportunities, describe people and events, compare alternatives, predict outcomes, and even find lost objects.


The Lenormand Deck are oracle cards (NOT tarot) that originated in the 18th Century Europe. The cards were named after Marie Anne Lenormand, one of the greatest and most influential French cartomancers of all time.

The Petit Lenormand is a deck of 36 fortune-telling cards featuring simple images that are read according to a vocabulary, syntax and grammar.


Lenormand is the easiest and simplest form of Divination. The biggest reason for its rising popularity is that Lenormand readings are far more succinct, accurate, practical and much easier to grasp than tarot and in some cases more useful (especially in relation to everyday concerns) than Tarot.

Part of this intense interest lies in one’s ability to quickly learn to answer specific, concrete questions about everyday life using simple but evocative images that even a three-year old can recognize. Interest is sustained in that the traditional system provides richness, depth and complexity that can take years to master.

If you are already a Tarot reader, Lenormand will make your readings will be deeper, more flexible and fluent as you create your own accent of the literal Lenormand language. Many fortune tellers who use the Lenormand Deck say that these cards give very clear readings and are better at everyday life and predictive readings.

How will you benefit?

  • Become a Fortune Teller for self and others
  • Address and solve everyday concerns, issues, problems with accurate and precise solutions
  • Get concrete answers to life questions
  • Learn to anticipate problems and opportunities in advance
  • Compare life choices
  • Make better decisions
  • Predict outcomes
  • Find lost objects

What will you Learn

  • Introduction to Lenormand
  • History and Origin of Lenormand
  • Predictive style reading
  • A general viewpoint of any situation
  • Individual card meanings
  • Learn 2-card combination blends
  • Creating Sentences with Pairs and Triplets
  • Learn how to read the cards deeper in spreads
  • An in-depth dissection of the Box or 3×3 spread
  • Create and Interpret a Storyboard
  • Creating your own Lenormand Spreads
  • Framing Questions
  • How to get a quick and precise answer
  • Exploring Numerology through Lenormand
  • Introduction to Grand Tableau
  • Practice Readings


  • 2 Days


  • Lotus Sutra, D-333, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India


  • Indian Nationals: INR 15,000 (Including all taxes)

The program fees includes:

  • Guided mindfulness sessions on all days
  • Participant workbooks, manuals and all workshop related material
  • 90 Day post workshop coaching
  • All meals and refreshments

About our Divination Experrt:

Kiran Shahpuri is a gifted Divination Experrt and teacher with more than fifteen years of experience in Tarot. Kiran empowers you by tapping into this ancient wisdom and enables you to take control of your destiny. Her sessions and workshops provide in-depth knowledge clarity and understanding about the various challenges life throws at you as well as guide you on your best way forward.

A qualified psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Silva Graduate, NLP Practitioner, Reiki master, numerologist & an astrologer, Kiran uses her diverse experience to help clients find resolutions to their issues and remove obstacles that may be holding them from reaching their highest potential.

Kiran does private readings and guidance sessions for clients around the matters of career, health, finance, family, friends, education, love, marriage, travel, lifespan etc. She can help you see where you have come from, where you are and where you appear to be headed.

She also offers intensive master classes in Tarot &Lenormand that are designed to have you absorb all the techniques while instilling a strong methodology, propelling you towards mastery.