The Divinity Commune, Rishikesh, India

Did you know that women have 3 times higher chances of succeeding as entrepreneurs? Yet most of the women never give shape to their entrepreneurial ambitions. The internal and external challenges that women face are unique and a different approach is adopted by women who are successful entrepreneurs.

What is ‘On my Own’?

According to the Women’s Financial Network, women start businesses at two times the rate of men. While women are starting more businesses than men, they find it harder at the outset to grow their businesses and access venture capital. Women entrepreneurs constitute 10 % of the number of entrepreneurs in our country. On my own is a one of its kind program that helps you create a successful business by focusing on the 3 aspects of entrepreneurial success:

  • Self
  • Strategy
  • Sales

Why should you choose this workshop?

International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness is a unique institution of its kind. This workshop is a transformation journey and not just a learning event. Hence, we focus on complete immersion in a new way of life by inviting you to the most serene, spiritual and scenic spot in Rishikesh – the worlds Yoga capital.

We believe in individualized attention and experience for you. That’s the reason the participation to this workshop is limited to 8-10 participants only. The learning and immersion happens continuously as a group without any tight schedule or need to chase deadlines or commuting time. This experiential program integrates specially designed Mind control and Meditative techniques that you do at various times during the day and night across your stay.

How will you benefit?

Participation in this workshop will help you in multiple ways in setting up or scaling your entrepreneurial venture. The deep introspection and facilitation will enable you to:

Prepare your entrepreneurial self:

  • Plan and prepare yourself for your entrepreneurial journey
  • Learn scientifically researched techniques to realign your SELF to the entrepreneurial way of thinking
  • Operate at higher levels of Consciousness
  • Understand the modalities of your various roles (Wife, Daughter, Mother, Sister etc.) and their impact on your entrepreneurial success
  • Observe the influence of embedded beliefs on our day to actions
  • Overcome any undesirable habits
  • Get rid of any recurring limiting life patterns
  • Become more resilient
  • Manage your mindsets
  • Eliminate any fears, phobias and self doubt
  • Feel more confident & enhance self-esteem

Prepare your entrepreneurial strategy:

  • Explore and give shape to your entrepreneurial ideas
  • Design the complete business plan
  • Unleash your creative potential
  • Create financial model and business projection
  • Prepare for raising the required funds
  • Handle the questions from investors and family members etc.
  • Get connected to venture capital funds and other investors
  • Know all about the support schemes for women entrepreneurs
  • Create pitch presentations
  • Practice your game

Prepare your entrepreneurial sales:

  • Build higher order rapport with people
  • Communicate more impact-fully
  • Motivate and inspire individuals and teams
  • Be more productive and efficient
  • Sell more
  • Become more assertive

The Journey

On my own program is a three months intensive learning journey that enables you to gain all that you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Spread over different modules, the journey will focus on the three aspects of women entrepreneurship

  • Module 1: Preparing self for Entrepreneurship
    • The self-identity
    • Working of the conscious and subconscious mind
    • Embedded beliefs and how they matter
    • Assessing the beliefs
    • The language of entrepreneurial success
    • Reprogramming for entrepreneurship
    • Fears and how to overcome them
    • Communication effectiveness
    • Assertiveness to win over anyone
    • Building instant rapport
    • Courage, conviction, and confidence of a successful woman entrepreneur
    • The way of the mind – thinking like a woman entrepreneur
    • Ready to start the journey
    • Your entrepreneurial strengths
    • Your entrepreneurial vision
  • Module 2: Managing strategy
    • Seeding the idea – defining what business you will launch/scale up
    • Market analysis and opportunity verification
    • Creating a business model
    • Creating a business strategy
    • Financial projections – the foundation for raising capital
    • Prototyping – steps to evolving  successful women venture
    • Preparing the pitch presentation
    • Facing the stakeholders
    • Convincing all around
    • Launch the business
  • Module 3: Managing sales
    • Basics of selling
    • Selling to investors
    • Marketing, branding and sales strategic
    • Creating a sales engine
    • Your brand identity – name, logo, website etc.
    • Leveraging technology to sell
    • Digital marketing for women entrepreneurs
    • Pricing and promotion strategy
    • Managing sales logistics
    • Sales planning, reporting and forecasting
    • Learn, earn and enjoy

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring women entrepreneurs
  • Founders of new businesses
  • Working women
  • Homemakers
  • Students
  • Anybody interested in creating a successful business and a better life!

Investment – MODULE 1

·         The program fees include:

  • Participation to the 2 Day residential workshop
  • Participant workbooks, manuals, and all workshop related material
  • Post-workshop coaching
  • 2 Days of stay (twin sharing) at the Rishikesh campus
  • Free access to Jumpstart Coworking space for 3 Months (4 visits per month)
    • To and for transportation from New Delhi (by Road)
    • All meals and refreshments


  • 2 Days residential workshop 
    •  3 fortnightly session online


  • The Divinity Commune,Shyampur, Rishikesh, India

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