The Divinity Commune,Shyampur, Rishikesh, India

Did you know that 2 in every 3-successful people are not able to lead really fulfilling lives? Many financially successful people find themselves grappling with finding the path to sustained fulfilment. Most people find it difficult to replicate their own successes again and again. Money cannot buy us many things. Creating sustained Happiness, Relationships, Business Growth, Health, and Stability is a different game!

What is ‘The Next Game’?

The next game is your best and biggest investment that you can make in yourself. Creating the life, you aspire for is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of focus and motivation. Specifically, as we prepare for the next lap of our success journeys, we find it difficult to manage all aspects of our being – health, wealth, relationships, communication and most importantly our mind.

Next Game is an approach to self and interpersonal mastery that unleashes the power of conscious and sub-consciousness minds leading to unprecedented success and goal achievement.

Hundreds of thousands of people, from all walks of life have been benefited by this amazing life changing science.

Why should you choose this workshop?

”ImageInternational Centre for Contemporary Consciousness is a unique institution of its kind. This workshop is a transformation journey and not just a learning event. Hence, we focus on complete immersion in the NLP way of life by inviting you to the most serene, spiritual and scenic spot in Rishikesh – the worlds Yoga capital.

We believe in individualized attention and experience for you. That’s the reason the participation to this workshop is limited to 8-10 participants only. The learning and immersion happens continuously as a group without any tight schedule or need to chase deadlines or commuting time. This experiential program integrates specially designed Mind control and Meditative techniques that you do at various times during the day and night across your stay.

How will you benefit?

Participation in this workshop will help you in multiple ways, both in your professional and personal life. The deep introspection and facilitation will enable you to:

  • The game of life
    • How we win
    • How we lose
  • The Science of Consciousness
    • The 7 levels of consciousness
    • Calibrating to the higher levels of consciousness
  • The working of the mind
    • Theories based on neurosciences
    • Balance of the emotional and logical brain
    • How we talk to ourselves and the way it creates our reality of the world
    • What is mind?
    • Thought experiment: Envision the life you want
    • The mind-body connection
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – The art and science of influencing self and others
    • How we program our and other peoples minds
    • Decision making and its components
    • Understanding motivation direction
    • Leveraging NLP to create a vibrant inner world that intuitively guides us to the best decisions
    • Values & Beliefs
  • NLP and its benefits in group collaboration
  • Creating a completing vision of the future and fostering participation from stakeholders
  • Post workshop assignment

Who should attend?

  • CEOs’, Business Heads and Directors, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Business Leaders
  • Professionals
  • HR Practitioners
  • Coaches and mentors
  • Alternative healers, therapists etc.
  • Working women
  • Homemakers
  • Anybody interested in creating a better life!


·         The program fees include:

    • Participation to the 3 Day workshop
    • Guided mindfulness sessions on all Days
    • Participant workbooks, manuals and all workshop related material
    • Post workshop coaching
    • All meals and refreshments


  • 3 Days Workshop


  • The Divinity Commune,Shyampur, Rishikesh, India

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