3-Step Guide to overcome ‘Exam Results’ stress using Law of Attraction

Recently we have had many students come to us asking question like – “I have just taken my Grade 12 exams. What can I do to ensure I come out with flying colors?” or “I want to go to ‘X’ University in the United States. Can I attract admission to it?”

At the International Center for Contemporary Consciousness, we understand that there are so many more of you out there with similar questions about attracting good grades, exceptional exam results and choicest college admissions using the Law of Attraction.

And that is when we decided to write this article, outlining a simple law of Attraction technique that will help you get what you want.

Step#1 – Living your Dream

Ask yourself this first –

Can you imagine your marks sheet or transcript with the kind of grades you desire?

Can you imagine your teachers appreciating your hard work and your parents feeling proud because of your phenomenal success in the exams?

Can you imagine opening a letter of acceptance to the University you wish to go to?

Can you imagine studying in this College/University? 

Can you imagine spending your life as it would be if you achieve your goal?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is YES,

Then the Universe’s answer is YES, too!

If you can imagine all this, then keep imagining it, keep living it in your mind in as much detail as you can, as often as you can, without a question or doubt.

Live it as if it is real NOW!

Step#2 – Mirror Technique

This is a great Law of Attraction technique that you can use to manifest anything you desire. Stand in front of a mirror in your bedroom or the one you use frequently. Focus on your breath and relax. Look into your own eye and speak aloud what you want to have – the exact result you want or acceptance to a college. For example, “I am so happy and grateful to have been accepted into ‘X’ college or university.” “I am enjoying my success in _____ (fill in your desire)”.

Check your emotion as you say this. Smile at yourself and feel the pride as if you have already achieved it.

Step #3 – Remembering

This one is like the mirror image of Step #1. In the first step, you visualized your future as if it were your present. Now remember your present (as if it were your past) from your future.

If you are looking for admission into a college, think or imagine, “I remember what it was like when I hadn’t been accepted into X college.” This tells your subconscious that you are in that college now and the power of your subconscious turns that into a reality.

The Law of Attraction brings you what you feel.

If you doubt or question, thinking whether it will happen or not, that shall be your experience.

Start believing andlooking forward to it happening, and that shall be your experience.

To learn more about manifesting what you desire, check out the “NLP Powered Law of Attraction Techniques” Program. The Program is designed to help yougain an in-depth understanding of how to make the Law of attraction work for you.


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