4 Reasons Law of Attraction is ‘NOT Working’ for You!

Do you know why we put the quotation marks around ‘NOT Working’?

Because the law of attraction is NOT something that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t!


Well, contrary to popular belief, the Law of Attraction isn’t simply a ‘technique’ to get what you want. It is a UNIVERSAL LAW.

Read on to understand why many people fail to manifest what they want despite the LAW being at work all the time.

The law of attraction means like attracts like; why things happen the way they do, to you and me and to humanity, as a whole. It isn’t just about getting what you want, it is affecting you, every aspect of your existence.

However, working consciously with your thoughts, beliefs and feelings,in accordance with the law of attraction, can help you take your experiencesto the next level.

You may ask why you aren’t ‘attracting’ what you have thinking about or ‘affirming’ if the law is at work all the time.

Read on to understand why.

More than your Thoughts

The belief, that what we attract is simply based on our thoughts, is flawed. The Law of attraction is more than wishful thinking.

The law is about our total energy. This energy is the sum total of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Some people like to refer to it as ‘vibration’. What we attract into our experience will mirror this energy. This holds true regardless of whether we want these things or not.For example, if you want to be healthy but are deeply scared about falling sick, you are putting all your energy into the fear. And the end result wouldn’t be health – it would be sickness!

And this brings us to the next reason why the Law of Attraction may seem to be ‘NOT Working’.

Visualizing is not Manifesting

Simply staring at a skinny person all day will not make you shed all that flab. If yourpredominant beliefs still make you question whether what you want is possible, it will never be.

Setting an intention to manifest your desires is only the first step. You need to check your belief system and identify what could be blocking it from becoming real.

Beyond Tools

Many people become obsessed the useof tools – visualization, vision boards, affirmations – whatever you may have learnt from a book or program, tools are only a way to focus on what you want. They can only help you to a certain extent.

Ask yourself whether you are feeling good using your tools or just doing so because you have been told. Manifestation happens when all your thoughts, beliefs and feelings (and your tools) align.

Ignoring Negativity

Remember that you can’t play tricks on the Universe. The Universe won’t deliver you the goods simply because you are trying hard.

Many new age philosophies tell you to focus on the positive and they advise you to ignore the negative, while the truth is that you need to admit and accept your negative feelings first so that you can release or transform them.

Only once your internal world changes and becomes one with what you want, will you attract it.

Fortunately, the Law of Attraction works whether we are doing anything or not.

To achieve desirable results, we need to become one with what we want. That is easily done with NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is a highly efficient way of changing limiting beliefs and how we perceive the world into what truly ‘is’. This is why the International Centre for Contemporary Consciousness, has created the “NLP Powered Law of Attraction Techniques” Program. The Program helps you gain an in-depth understanding of the science of consciousness and how to make the Law of attraction work for you. It will allow you to experience firsthand the hidden ‘secret’ and unleash the unbounded power of manifestation.

Happy Manifesting!


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